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Welcome to Sea Rider Shipping !!

Thank you for reading our website. We have crew manning company in Myanmar and can provide qualified crews to you depend on pay scale. But all are qualified and competent crews. We used to supply qualified crew to many company the whole world, especially in Singapore (Transocean Singapore PTE.LTD) (Hong Lam Marine PTE.LTD) (Hellenic Overseas Maritime Enterprise LTD) (Singapore Maritime Crewing, Singapore Maritime Service) (World Wide Shipping Crew Management), in Malaysia (Specbridge Offshore Company), in Duabai (Oyster Cargo Shipping, UAE) (Khalid Faraj Shipping, UAE) (Waha Capital Offshore Company, UAE) in China (Sinomarine Crew Management) (Chh Shipping) (Dalian Yaxin Shipping) (Transquare Shipping Line), in Taiwan (Xuchan Shipping Crew Management), in Turkey (Camelot Maritime), in Spain (Free York Logietic, and Crew SL, barcelona) in Bulgaria (Telepassport Bulgaria Crewing), in Vietnam (Seagull Marine), etc... you can confirm following Shipping Line and Shipping Crew Management regarding our services then we are still looking shipping lines and crew manning company from Japan, Norway, USA, England, etc..

About Us


Sea Rider Shipping have been established since 2009. We are looking descend and fair ship owner (or) crew manning company to promote our service. We don't interest any profit except our services fees.

Ship Brokering


Now in future, to get authorized agent in Myanmar. We are looking to promote more services concern (Ship for Sale, Ship for buy and Scrap Ship) that's why we always find like website (Vessel Finde).


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